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Clinic Profile

The Stapleford Centre is an innovative, privately-funded treatment centre which provides cost-effective, research-based treatment for users of heroin, alcohol and other drugs.

The Stapleford Centre pioneered rapid and humane withdrawal from opiates and alcohol. The Stapleford Centre was the first organisation in Britain to develop a supervised Naltrexone programme, the first to use naltrexone implants, for the management of heroin abuse and the first in the private sector to offer a supervised Antabuse programme for alcohol abusers.

The Stapleford Centre offers a friendly and supportive environment for its patients, and provides unbiased and helpful information about the range of treatments available, such as methadone maintenance and naltrexone.These treatments can be tailored to the addicted person's needs, and the needs of their families and supporters. It can be difficult to make the transition from drug use to drug free but we feel that at The Stapleford Centre we really can help.

If you would like to have a confidential talk about an addiction within your family please contact us - we will try to give you the best advice available. Unlike most other private treatment centres, we will always give you a range of treatment options to suit your needs and finances.

Contact Information

25A Eccleston Street

General Enquiries - +44 [0]20 7823 6840
Detox Enquiries - +44 [0]20 7730 0680

(Please note: Our lines are often busy so, if you can't get through, please leave your name and number on the answer machine and we will get back to you.

FAX - +44 [0]20 7730 3409

General Information - [email protected]

Clinic Email - [email protected]